Hi guys,

This is my first blog ever. I am not in a habit of writing of blogs but a few days ago, my project has been selected in Season of KDE(SoK),2014. So,in order to share my experiences with you throughout the journey, I have started writing blogs.I would like to thank my mentors Kesha Shah and Bruno Coudoin for helping me and guiding me for my project.

I am quite happy as well as excited because it is going to be my first contribution to open source organisation.I have no prior experience to open source world before this.I will get to learn a lot of things by contributing to it.

I will be “Adding new activities to GCompris” as a part of my project.

I have just started to get myself familiar with platform and the language to be used for the project,Qt and JavaScript so to have a better understanding while working on the project. Soon,I will be posting updates about my progress and experiences during the journey.