Computer Peripherals” – This is my first open source project under Season of KDE(SoK 2014) mentored by Bruno Coudoin and Kesha Shah.

This project is primarily for school children.It helps them to get acquainted with different parts of computer both internal and external and also to know about their functionality.

During the project duration,I created the following features :

1. Added sound functionality – To familiarize the students with sounds of different devices.

2. Description – To know about different computer devices.

3. Functionality – Function of each device.

Here are few screenshots that illustrate the same :

This is level 1.Basic and main parts of computer

This is next level.Knowing about external devices.

Knowing about secondary storage devices

 And further more…

The most difficult part of the project was to create,build and run a new activity.It took time and help from my mentors and other open source community members to get started with it.

Well,I enjoyed and get to learn a lot from this project. I would like to thank my mentors Bruno Coudoin and Kesha Shah for helping me throughout the course of the project.I would also like to thank the KDE community who helped me IRC channels whenever I had a problem regarding the project.Finally,I would like to thank to KDE SoK organizers for giving me an opportunity to contribute to open source.

Overall,I had a wonderful experience and looking forward to contribute more towards open source.